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Who we are?

We are independent loss assessors who have been established since 1981. We are based in Manchester but through our regional support teams we cover the UK. We have over twenty five years experience helping individuals and businesses recover from disasters.

We are loss assessors, our initial advice to you is free without obligation.

We never let go until you are satisfied, most of our clients pay no fees at all.

We have a reputation for achieving some of the highest settlements and charging the lowest fees in the UK.

What we do?

When you make an insurance claim your insurers will appoint professional people to look after their interests. By using our expertise you will ensure that you have best chance of getting the maximum settlement you are entitled to, under the terms of your policy.

You're already in trouble. The last thing you want is having to negotiate with expert people acting for the insurers. You really need help, support and experience from your own experts. Get in touch with us NOW to discuss your problems

Even if your insurers have refused your claim do not despair.We have managed to get payment for many claims when it was thought that all was lost. Never give up!

If you report a claim to insurers it will be passed by them to one of "their" agents or adjustors who will represent "their interests". By using our professional expertise you can ensure that "your interests" are represented to obtain the very best settlement for "you". The last thing you want is the hassle of dealing with your insurers on a daily basis and having to cope with the "fine" print of the policy.

You have best chance of getting the maximum settlement you are entitled to.

We managed to win claims that were thort lost, most of our clients pay no fees at all.

Hassle free professional expertise to support your claim.


We deal with a variety of claims from fire, flood, escape of water, subsidence, burglary and loss of profits.


The claimed was refused by insurers.We were instructed and we obtained an excellent settlement which enabled the business to continue trading..


Insurers asked the householder to clear up and list damaged contents.We were instructed and moved the whole family to a hotel. We then instructed our team to go to the house and do everything necessary to re-instate the premises.After a short time the family returned to their home and were delighted with the results. We also arranged a cash payment to enable furniture and clothes to be purchased.


Rings and watches with great sentimental value were stolen.The Insurers chose their own supplier and asked the insured to go to this firm. We were instructed and arranged a cash settlement enabling the client to chose to do as they wished.


To shop premises. The insurers were not happy to pay the claim.We were instructed and the legal team contacted the insurance company.Settlement was reached very quickly.


We specialise in taking on claims that have been given up as "lost".

Birmingham Coventry. We have a really good assessor covering this area who is known throughout the Midlands as an expert in getting GOOD settlements from insurance companies.He recently increased an "offer by 50% and the insured said "He must have inside knowledge of insurers to get me such an offer". News Item. A Staffordshire householder was in dispute with insurers over a large burglary claim.We were instructed and got an offer of settlement within two weeks. We have recently been asked to deal with a major subsidence claim at a large hotel in Scotland.

Recent Claims

Claims are usually settled by negotiation. If you have no experience of insurance claims you are at a great disadvantage. We have years of experience. It is available to you.

Who we have assisted

Loss Assessors like us are paid by results, so our income depends entirely on the settlement that we achieve for you. Our fee is a small percentage of this, so it pays us to make sure you get everything to which you are entitled, and we know all the things you are entitled to claim for. We have a reputation for achieving some of the highest settlements and charging the lowest fees in the UK. We only get paid if and when you are paid. A large number of our clients pay us no fees when they use any of our associate builders throughout the UK.

Getting Started

Our Managing Director,Nicholas Castleton, would be pleased to speak to you. He has years of experience and has been used as an "expert witness" in many cases. He can lead you through the complex process of preparing a claim that can achieve the very best results for YOU. We have good relations with insurers that have been built up over many years. This may help when you want to chose your own contractors or prefer "Cash" settlements to enable you to make your own purchases of new stock or household goods. You also have the backing of a first class legal team, who can help you through all aspects of any policy dispute that might arise.

Our Head Office is near Manchester Airport but we cover the UK through our regional support teams.

All this is available to you by making contact with us NOW. Alternatively call us on 0800 118 2986.

We are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority and a member of The Institute of Public Loss Assessors.

Independent claims consultants is the trading name of Insurance Claims Center UK Ltd, company reg number: 3932119.