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Loss of Profits Claims

Any type of an insurance claim to a business can result in a Loss of Profit. Even when the claim is finished and the premises back to working order you then need to calculate the effect on your finance NOW and into the future. We have acted for dozens of companies over the years and assisted them in getting satisfactory settlements for their claim. Let us advise you and ensure you get every penny you are entitled to under the terms of your policy.

A National newspaper quotes a spokesperson from the Financial Service Authority as saying: "The strict legal position of most insurance contracts is manifestly unfair to the consumer" Do you honestly want anything else to prove that you need expert help with ALL sections of your claim. Your own accountants may be very good at presenting your figures for tax purposes.However if he does not have very much experience with insurers perhaps you should be looking elsewhere. Our company has the many years of experience necessary to understand insurers and the way they deal with claims. We get a lot of claims through accountants and legal firms. They realise that they do not have the expertise and experience necessary to deal with insurers.

We are there to help you with every aspect of your claim.

We managed to win claims that were thort lost, most of our clients pay no fees at all.

Hassle free professional expertise to support your claim.

Product Liability Claim

We acted for a major Blackpool manufacturer who had a claim with insurers,they had refused any payment.We then re-opened negotiations together with our legal team. The resulting settlement was in excess of £500,000.

The Blackpool director commented "We had given up the claim before we were recomended to Nicholas Castleton, He certainly knows how to get results".

Recent Claims

Claims are usually settled by negotiation. If you have no experience of insurance claims you are at a great disadvantage. We have years of experience. It is available to you.

Who we have assisted

Loss Assessors like us are paid by results, so our income depends entirely on the settlement that we achieve for you. Our fee is a small percentage of this, so it pays us to make sure you get everything to which you are entitled, and we know all the things you are entitled to claim for. We have a reputation for achieving some of the highest settlements and charging the lowest fees in the UK. We only get paid if and when you are paid. A large number of our clients pay us no fees when they use any of our associate builders throughout the UK.

Getting Started

Our Managing Director,Nicholas Castleton, would be pleased to speak to you. He has years of experience and has been used as an "expert witness" in many cases. He can lead you through the complex process of preparing a claim that can achieve the very best results for YOU. We have good relations with insurers that have been built up over many years. This may help when you want to chose your own contractors or prefer "Cash" settlements to enable you to make your own purchases of new stock or household goods. You also have the backing of a first class legal team, who can help you through all aspects of any policy dispute that might arise.

Our Head Office is near Manchester Airport but we cover the UK through our regional support teams.

All this is available to you by making contact with us NOW. Alternatively call us on 0800 118 2986.

We are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority and a member of The Institute of Public Loss Assessors.

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